A State of Love 10/01/2010

PO: A party of love and change, or politics as usual?

Karen Sunde once said: “To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven”. Some of Poland’s politicians were so determined to change this soil into a heaven flowing with milk and honey that they decided to implement a new strategy in their policy. In a process akin to the plot of the most popular Polish soap operas, they decided to love everyone – without exception.

In the shadow of this cocktail of terms of endearment, hypocrisy can thrive without limits and become an acceptable tool for achieving the government’s goals. This so-called new policy is nothing but a deliberate and well-thought-out ploy. When I hear about love and brotherhood in politics it immediately reminds me of Orwell’s world, and all of the totalitarian rhetoric eagerly introduced in places famous for being as far away from democratic standards as the distance between Norway and Zimbabwe.

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